Sugar Price per 40 kg in Pakistan

Sugar is widely used in Pakistan. Today through this article we are going to discuss the most recent rates of sugar in Pakistan City Name Minimum Maximum LAHORE 3780 3890 FAISALABAD 3500 3600 GUJRANWALA — — OKARA 3300 4300 RAWALPINDI 3200 3300 MULTAN 3300 3400 RAHIM YAR KHAN 3000 3100 BHALWAL 3300 3400 SAHIWAL 3300 … Read more

Rate of gram flour in Pakistan

Gram flour is used to make naan, samosa, pakora, and other related food products. now we are going to discuss the latest rates of gram flour in Pakistan. City Name Minimum Maximum LAHORE 8800 8900 FAISALABAD 8700 800 GUJRANWALA 8500 8600 OKARA 8700 8800 RAWALPINDI 8600 8500 MULTAN 8700 8900 RAHIM YAR KHAN 8600 8700 … Read more

Potato Fresh price Today

Potato price are increased today according to previous rate. Today through this article we are going to inform you about the latest rates of potato in Pakistan. Potato Rate Today City Name Minimum Maximum LAHORE 1200 1300 FAISALABAD 1000 1100 GUJRANWALA 1050 1100 OKARA 1100 1200 RAWALPINDI 1050 1100 MULTAN 1100 1200 RAHIM YAR KHAN … Read more

Green Chili Price Today per 100 kg

There are two types of chilies are used in food on daily basis one is red and other is green so, the rate is different for both types of chilies. Here on this article through this site we are discussing the recent rates of red chilies today in all cities of Pakistan. Note: Prices are … Read more

Sesame “till” Price today in Pakistan

esame is oily commodity, and it is related to fats group. till is cultivated in Pakistan in limited rage so, its prices are high as compared to other commodities. the price range of till is increasing year by year. so, let’s see the latest price of sesame in Punjab and Sindh cities. Note: Prices are … Read more

Maize Rate in Pakistan

This article is about recent price of maize in Pakistan as you know the season of maize is started therefore our aim is to provide latest rate of maize to Pakistanis the price of maize is given below in the post. City Name Minimum Maximum LAHORE 2300 2400 FAISALABAD 2200 2300 GUJRANWALA 2000 2100 OKARA … Read more

Onion Price per 40 kg in Pakistan

This article is about the new rates of onion in Pakistan. Onion is a vegetables that is used in dish. Onion is used to increase the taste of any dish. The rate of onion in Pakistan is increased rapidly due to farmers are not harvesting onions they focusing on maize and others crops but not … Read more

Tomato Rates Today 40 kg

Tomato is essential vegetables in all over the world tomato is used in every dish to increase its taste appearance and texture. Today through this article we are going to discuss the new rates of tomato in Pakistan. Tomato is most cultivated in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China and others countries. So, let’s see the … Read more

Punjab Cotton Rates Today

پنجاب کپاس ریٹس 15.9.2023 صادق آباد 8400-9100اوکاڑہ 8200-8950تونسہ 8000-8700ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ 8500-9100جام پور 8000-8700خانیوال 8500-9000ڈی جی خان 80009000راجن پور 7800-8750شہر سلطان/ہیڈ بیکنی7800-8700علی پور 7600-8750فتح پور 7800-8400کروڑ پکا 8000-8900لیہ فیکٹری ریٹ 8000-8700بہاولپور 8500-9050چوک منڈا 8500-8950شجاع آباد 8000-8900ساہیوال 8300-9000بورے والا 8000-8870چیچہ وطنی 8000-9100میلسی 8400-8930میاں چنوں 8500-8950چشتیاں 8500-9000ڈونگا بونگا 8500-9050احمد پور شرقیہ 8500-9000 کپاس کے پرانے ریٹس 13.9.2023پنجاب … Read more

Pets Domain

Pits domain is and an Australian website and physical pets store. Pits domain is a online shopping site to buy pits stock, foods, toys and health products for your pits. This site and its physical brands offer pits life care and wellness products for you. Here you can easily buy products for your all types … Read more