Top 3 SEO Plugins 2023

This article is about to guide beginner’s about top trending and helpful SEO plugins that’s help them in ranking. Term SEO is used to understand about the benefits of organic traffic. SEO helps in ranking of your website in all search engines like google, bing, yahoo, duckduck go, and many others. As a beginner’s we … Read more

Google Search Console: Excluded ‘page with redirect’

This error is usually comes when your website have duplicate URL of a same article or post. Then google search console only index original URL of that page. Page with redirect error usually comes on blogger websites. If you are using blogger then the 1 thing you may noticed is that you see /?m=1 at … Read more

Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag

Pages that’s are blocked by robot.txt file are served as ‘noindex’ tag in google search. If you want to index these pages then you need to modify your robot.txt file. Robot.txt files are used to prevent indexing of unnecessary pages available on your website, like categories, tags, and others pages. If you haven’t modified your … Read more

Fix soft 404

This article is about how to fix soft 404 in google search console. Soft 404 error usually come when URL which showing soft 404 have thin or poor content. What is a soft 404: soft 404 is a pages indexing error in google search console. This error come on pages that have following weakness. Make … Read more

Google Search Console data not updating

Google search console (GSC) usually update his report data after 5 to 6 hours within 24 hours. If your data in google search is not updating then you don’t need to worry about. It only affect report data in google search console it doesn’t affect crawling, indexing and ranking of your website. It takes sometimes … Read more

How to fix (Crawled-Currently not indexed)

Indexing is a first step to rank in google. It will only done by indexing of each post or articles to google search console. Indexing articles is automatic in search console but sometime it need manual work. There are many issue arrive in google search console during indexing of your website in (GSC) like, Discovered-currently … Read more

discovered currently not indexed

Discovered-currently not indexed means. Google has discover URLs but not crawled or indexed it yet. This error mainly caused by thin or low quality content. Thin content means page with discovered-currently not indexed means have not enough length of content. Like your each URL must be have more then 500+ words informative content on it … Read more

Google search console couldn’t fetch sitemap

Google search console is a search system offered by google to show related result to user query. Google search console will automatically index all new websites but sometime it need manual indexing. To start manually indexing you need to add sitemap to google search console. Sitemap is like a world map that can read by … Read more

Google search console 1 error

This article is about how to fix 1 error in google search console. Submitting site map to google search console is very easy but sometimes it get error from submitting sitemap. Google search console is a developer tool which helps you to get organic search traffic for your website. It may help in indexing of … Read more

How to submit sitemap to Google Search Console

This article is about how to submit sitemap to Google search console to rank 1# on google search result. Submitting sitemap also help in indexing of your article in google search console fastly. There are many types of sitemap offered by WordPress SEO plugin like Yoest, rank math, and All In One SEO (AIOSEO). These … Read more