Google Search Console data not updating

Are you worry about Google Search Console data not updating Google search console (GSC) usually update his report data after 5 to 6 hours within 24 hours. If your data in google search is not updating then you don’t need to worry about. It only affect report data in google search console it doesn’t affect crawling, indexing and ranking of your website. It takes sometimes to take updates.

What can I do now: there is no action required by you to fix it google search console will automatically fix it.

You only need to wait for it to be fixed or updated by google. If you are thinking that it showing only in your search console dashboard. Then you are wrong it showing to all google search console account dashboards.

How to fix Google Search Console report data not updating

As we told you above that this is not error on your website. Google only updating search console data after updating the data google will show you the correct report of your search data in google search console.

The only thing it need from you is that you need to work as you work before this error. Because it not affect your content indexing, crawling and ranking.

if this error remains on your account after updating then you need to update your website sitemap. Even after updating the sitemap if your data report not updating then you need to contact google search console support team.

How to contact google search console support

The last solution of this error is that you need to contact search console support team. But beginner’s didn’t know that how to contact support team. So I’m guiding you how you can contact support team.

  1. Goto google search
  2. Type google search console support
  3. It will show you related links to contact to google then you can choose that right suite to your issue.
  4. If you don’t want to search then you can follow this link to contact them

Click on above link it will redirect you to google search console support team. Then describe your issue and submit the form or ask community to give you better suggestion.

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