How to fix (Crawled-Currently not indexed)

Today we are going to fix Crawled-Currently not indexed in google search console. Indexing is a first step to rank in google. It will only done by indexing of each post or articles to google search console. Indexing articles is automatic in search console but sometime it need manual work.

There are many issue arrive in google search console during indexing of your website in (GSC) like, Discovered-currently not indexed, Soft error 404, and crawled currently not indexed. So we are going to discuss about. Crawled-currently not indexed.

Crawled-currently not indexed means google have successfully discovered and crawled your articles. But not indexed it yet. This error last for more than 24 hours and google will index crawled pages within 24 hours. If it lives long for your website then you need to fix it by manual action.

Crawled-currently not indexed

To fix this error there are two methods.

  1. URL inspection
  2. Start validation

URL Inspection: URL inspection tool is offered by google search console to index content on your website manually and fast. To use this tool you need to go google search console dashboard then goto navigation menu select URL inspection and paste the URL you want to index. After submitting URL click request indexing. It will index your URL to google.

URL inspection tool allow only 10 URLs to index within 24 hours.

Start Validation: This tool helps in indexing your website to google search console. This tool available to fix all URL at specific error in search console. Like to fix Discovered currently not indexed, crawled currently not indexed.

To use this Tool you need to select specific error like crawled currently not indexed. And then select start validation after started the validation process google will index all the URL within in specific error on which you started the validation process.

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