AdSense not counting Clicks

This article is about fixation of google not counting clicks. This error usually come when you drive more and more invalid traffic to your website to boost your AdSense earning. Big Reason of Google not counting clicks: The biggest reason of AdSense not counting clicks is invalid traffic. During this issue google counts pages views, … Read more

google-served ads on screens with replicated content

Google AdSense clearly said that they do not allow ads on screen with replicated content. Google don’t allow ads on copied content or repetitive content. Replicated content meaning: According to google AdSense program and policies replicated content meaning a copied content from another website or app. Embed content from another website or app with out … Read more

More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content

Friends, This article is about the solution of the error in AdSense more ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content if this error is showing in your website or app then you can fix it easily. This error means you have maximum number of ads on your website. As you know according to AdSense program … Read more

can i get adsense approval with ai content ( ChatGPT )

As all publisher knows that google have very strict policies to review your site for AdSense approval. Google AdSense always work with quality content websites. As AI doesn’t provides quality information some time. AI may create unrelated answers to users quarry. So google AdSense as well as advertisers doesn’t allow to serve ads on screen … Read more

How to paste AdSense code in HTML

Especially this article is for beginners because this is basic thing in blogging. Any person who have some experience in blogging know the real method to paste AdSense HTMl in his site. If you are new to this field then here I’m available to help you to paste HTML code in both famous web hosting … Read more

Meet adsense program policies

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How to fix low value content in adsense

If your site get rejected by low value content issue in AdSense and you get tired. But not find the correct solution to fix low value content. Low value content means there is no value of your content according to google quality control system as well as in the eyes of visitor. Here I’m to … Read more

How to fix Site Behaviour Navigation error in AdSense

This article is about how to fix site behavior and navigation error in AdSense. Fixing this error is not much hard. According to google error statement this error is due to your website have navigation error. Navigation error means you are using low quality theme. Or you haven’t created Manu’s, pages, and categories. Google always … Read more