How to fix Site Behaviour Navigation error in AdSense

This article is about how to fix site behavior and navigation error in AdSense. Fixing this error is not much hard. According to google error statement this error is due to your website have navigation error.

Navigation error means you are using low quality theme. Or you haven’t created Manu’s, pages, and categories.

Google always focus on user experience on your website. Google prefer Good users experience website.

To fix this error in AdSense you need to follow below steps.

Create navigation menu: The first step to fix this error is creation of navigation menu’s. Create only one primary menu and add all related categories and pages to your menu. Place this menu at the top of your Website. So user can easily understand your website and go to his interested topic on your website.

Create Page for you website: Pages are basic need of every website. These pages are required by google AdSense. These pages include, Contact Us , About Us , Disclaimer, Terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

After creating these pages it is your responsibility to add these pages to your website primary menu. So user can easily navigate to each pages of your sites.

Change Theme if required: some time you required to change theme to fix site navigation and behavior error in AdSense.

Because some theme having bad manu option and are not user friendly. Users can’t navigate. If your website not looking and have more then one menu you need to change the theme.

Super Solution of Site Behavior and navigation

The super solution of this error is removing of unwanted links from your website. Many website owners use affiliated marketing links to your website to earn affiliate commission.

These links may send users to unwanted website. That may steal users information or give uninterested data to user. In this condition you need to remove all the affiliated link from your website.

If you are using any another ad network then you need to remove that network from your website. Google only allow ezoic or partner ad network to work with.

Google don’t like to work with third party ad network.

If you follow all the above steps then your site ready to show ads and your error got fixed.

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