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Friends, getting AdSense approval is not. As you know to get AdSense approval you need to follow all the AdSense policies from major to minor.

There are some error in AdSense which are easy to fix like, site under construction, low value content, site down or unavailable.

Others errors like fixing policy violation error in AdSense is difficult to fix. Because we don’t know what policy we are violating.

But the fixing of Site Under construction is very easy. To fix this error you need to follow below steps. After completing these steps your website get ready to AdSense approval.

How to fix Site Under construction error in AdSense

You can also watch this video to fix site under construction error in AdSense.

Fixing site under construction error is very easy.

  1. Change the theme of your website on which you are getting site under construction error.
  2. Create basic pages, like contact us, about Us ,Privacy and policy, Terms and conditions and disclaimer page.
  3. Categorize all your content and make sure all the posts are added to relevant category.
  4. Find dead or broken links on your website finding broken links is very easy. You can use any online broken links checker to check broken links. Remove all the broken links discovered by broken link checker.
  5. Drive Some Traffic to your website. To get AdSense approval you need to have some traffic to your website.

Super Solution of Site under construction error

The latest and super solution of this error is Indexing of your website to google search console. Google automatically index all new website to search console but some time you need Manual indexing.

To index your site manually to google search console you need to submit your site map to google search console.

How to submit sitemap to Google search console: The first and major work is submission of your site Map to google search console.

Create a sitemap of your site eg

Add /sitemap.xml at the end of your website URL and submit it to Google search sitemap section.

After submitting site map google search console will start to index your website automatically. If the automatic indexing couldn’t not start then you need to do manual indexing.

How to index site manually to google search console: To index your site manually to google search console you need to use URL inspection tool. Provided by google search console. To use this tool you need to copy your article URL and submit it in URL inspection and then click check.

After clicking check google search console will know you about the status of your URL. If it show URL is live then no further step required by you. If it show URL is not available to google then you need to click Request indexing it will index your URL.

Google search console only allow 10 URL to index through this method for 24 hours. If you want to index more then 10 URL you need to wait 24 after submission of first 10 URL for indexing.

This error will be 100% solved if you follow above the steps.

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