Policy Violations in AdSense

This article is about how to fix Policy violations in AdSense . Getting AdSense approval is not easy. You need to follow all the program and policies to get approval.

There several policies you need to follow. The error you need to fix some issue before your site ready to show ads means. You are violating one or more policies of google.

You can also watch this video to fix policy violation error in AdSense

List of Policies need to follow

Low value content error: You need to follow this policy to get AdSense approval on your website. Follow below steps to fix this error in AdSense.

  1. Minimum Content requirements, google required minimum of 25 articles of 1000+ words or 50 posts of 500+ words.
  2. Traffic issue make sure your site driving good amount of traffic to minimum of 100 to 150 organic visitors daily.
  3. webmaster quality guidelines means you need to index your website in google search console.
  4. Thin content means you need to add categories to your each posts and create menus with easy navigation.

Site Under construction:

Fixing this error is very easy you need to index your site in google search console.

some times google search console index your site automatically but some time it requires manual indexing.

After indexing all your articles to google search console this error will automatically be solved.

Site Down or Unavailable:

Solution of this error is also very easy. You need to check that you have placed the code properly between the head and /head tag of your site.

Make sure you have enabled the SSL certificate for your website. Make sure your site working by checking it in your browser.

Value inventory-Navigation error: This error is east to fix. Make categories of all your content and add all the content to relevant category. Make menus clear. Do not make more then one menu so user can easily navigate. Try to change the theme of your website install theme which is working properly.

How to fix Policy Violations in AdSense

Follow below steps carefully to fix this error in AdSense. Fixing this error is very difficult because the AdSense team will not clear that what policy are you violating.

To fix this error you need to review and follow all the polices but this error may be caused by following mistakes.

  1. Error with content you need to add plagiarism free quality articles.
  2. Don’t copy and paste articles from other websites you can take idea from other sites but you can’t copy content from them.
  3. Fulfill minimum content requirements of google AdSense.
  4. Drive some traffic to your website
  5. Delete old and plagiarized content from your website.
  6. Add pages to your website like
  7. Contact Us
  8. About Us
  9. Privacy and policy
  10. Disclaimer
  11. Terms and conditions

Follow all the steps carefully and then apply for AdSense. This error will be fixed by applying all the steps.

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