How to set up WordPress Indexing API

This article is about how to fix indexing issue in Google  Search Console after google spam  update 19 October 2022

after google spam update many web developers and SEO master are facing indexing issue  of their content in google search console i’m was facing this issue on my site but now i have indexed all my articles in google search console today i’m sharing my own experience of post indexing step by step with you.

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Full setup of indexing API

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Search Google Cloud
  3. now open google search console 
  4. Click on start Project
  5. Now name your project as word press indexing API
  6.  After Creating new project 
  7. Click on three dots at the top of the menu bar 
  8. now click on I’m and Admin
  9. Create service account 
  10. Name service Account 
  11. Create mail address of service account after clicking on service account 
  12. create new key after creating new key your created key will start to download automatically
  13. save the downloaded key in your device and to upload it on your google drive
  14. Now open google search console
  15. click on select domain property you want to setup for indexing API
  16. Click three dots available at the top side of menu 
  17. Now select user and permissions
  18. Click Add new user to property 
  19. Enter the user email you created in step step 11 
  20. enter that mail and give the role off owner to this email
  21. now your google search console setup is finish
  22. now go to this site and search for blogger indexing API
  23. here you can see the post named as blogger indexing API setup
  24. after opening that post click on Coding Access HERE 
  25. After click on  Coding Access you will automatically redirected to google colab console
  26. now coding access is open for you 
  27. click on link  and run the code
  28. after clicking on code 
  29. code will ask you the run any way 
  30. click run the code any way it will connect your device to colab console
  31. after linking your google drive to your colab console click on upload button available in the drive
  32. Now upload Key which you have created in step 12
  33. Upload that key after uploading the key click on three dots available near the uploaded file
  34. now copy the path and paste it in cell number 2 and run the code 
  35. when you see the code is done click 
  36. next step 3 and copy the URL you want to index
  37. paste that URL in step 3 and run the code when the code is shown green all you done now check your URL and is showed you crawled currently not indexed which means it is indexed in next 2 to 3 Hours.

All is done repeat step number 36 and 37 to index new content updated on your site

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