how to fix low value content issue in google ads

So, I know this wasn’t what you expected. And when you first clicked towards this article, this was to get your attention to show you what a low value content looks like.
So, since you’re already here, let’s get started. In this article, our focus will be to solve one problem and one problem only how to fix low value content issues in AdSense. 

You got an email from Google AdSense, and you are happy to check it out. So, you saw this.

You saw dismissive saying you need to fix some things to use AdSense. You found policy violations on your website. Any policy violation is no value content.

So, in this video we’re showing you what to do to fix this error is actually easy to clean your states and let’s move to the next thing. So, the first tip is for you to have these pages. 

That’s your contact us about us and your privacy policy pages. Now is simple for you is that it isn’t the most for you to have this contact us about us and privacy policy pages.

This is because I’ve seen loads of sites get approved even without them. The reason I am asking you to have these pages is for precautionary measures. Remember, this is for low value content issues.

We don’t want to solve that and have our sites rejected due to some mysterious AdSense policies. So let’s get started. Now to create those pages, go to your WordPress dashboard, look for pages. Click on needs. Click on Add New Pages.

So our type in our voters, you should write one or two paragraphs about who you are and also add an image if possible. Composer Do the Heat publish click on the WordPress icon. Repeat same process as before, which are pages and add new features. Now typing contact us. 

You can put in your meal or phone number or any means of means you have stores on your sites can contacts you, then hit publish click on the WordPress icon as well. Now go to pages, all pages, and you’ll see all the pages you’ve created.

You’ve just created. Now it’s time to create your privacy policy page. To do so, click on edit. As you can see it, there’s already created one for us. So all we need to do is to hit publish. 

Does it, guys. So now all you need to do is to display them on your foot menus. On your head menus. Moving on to tick number two, which is to write on stores being searched for in Google.

These involves the keywords you search. My advice is after you’ve created those pages, trash all your articles for now and be prepared to write 5 to 10 more articles with one key words for each. You won’t just be writing for writing sake. 

You will be writing based on studies being searched for in Google. Go to issues. I’ll search for this keyword biography. As you can see, it has a key D of 70 to click on much terms. As you can see,

there are a lot of key words to choose from. To take a no competition. Key was click on key D and said the maximum to zero and he’d apply. 

There you have it’s a bunch of new condition biography keywords you can write on. Just pick 5 to 10. The seats are right. Now, I know most people watching this video are not in this niche.

That’s an issue. The reason for writing biographies is that it is easy to write original high value contents and it’s usually gets approved by AdSense without issues. 

I also know that most can’t afford issues premium. Even if I have already, I already have a Gruber issue to read you the lengthy description as if you can’t really afford any of those tools.

This is free to us. So just so let’s move to the next one to use ubuntu just for keyword research, type in the biography and click search.

I really can’t see you giving Chief Ray Charles to use the leaf. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you see a lot of key walls and pages. 

All you do here is to pick 5 to 10 of these and create those. If you don’t want to use it, sheriff’s suggest to do this little keyboard research you can do. You can use Google for this as well.

So the first thing you do is I’ll be using Wikipedia as my target site to get biography keywords, since it’s this site that writes about biography in lots.

So go to Google typing site column, Wikipedia, dotcom space, open quotation on, click the quotation and put in biography.

This would allow Google to search all the articles that contains the award biography on Wikipedia. As you can see, we have a lot of articles to choose from.

All you need to do is to pick 15 of these and write at least 1000 words for each article and then apply. So basically what AdSense meant by low value content is that your content earns valuable enough.

All of sports. You, from the start of this video till now is about adding value to your contents. And when you apply, you will be approved quickly.

If you’ve watched to this point, to this video, you are my MVP. Thanks a lot for watching. If you are yet to subscribe, please subscribe or leave a comment below for me to know you’ve been approved. Thanks. 

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