How to fix low value content in adsense

If your site get rejected by low value content issue in AdSense and you get tired. But not find the correct solution to fix low value content.

Low value content means there is no value of your content according to google quality control system as well as in the eyes of visitor.

Here I’m to help you fix this issue at first attempt. To fix low value content in AdSense you need to follow all the steps in given in this article.

Keep your content short but full of information and add some value to your content.

Steps to Fix low value Content issue

  • Write contents for visitors not for site.
  • Write eye catching title to rank in search result.
  • Write short but full of information content .
  • Delete old and useless content.
  • Update content regularly.
  • write descriptive content according to your keyword or tittles.
  • Full fill the minimum content requirements according to google policies.
  • Add 1000+ words posts if you write 1000+ then minimum required posts to apply are 25 posts.
  • Add minimum 50 posts of 500+ words to apply for AdSense approval.
  • Follow all the policies during content writing to avoid any issue in AdSense
  • Drive some traffic to your blog or site either organic or social but not paid.
  • index your site to search engines like google.
  • Join niche related groups on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, what’s app, or any other app.
  • After joining the groups share your posts in all the groups.
  • Use google trends to find the ranking keyword and write the informative articles on trending keyword.
  • Places all the keywords at right place to see the changes in ranking.
  • Create essential pages like, contact us, about us, privacy and policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions.
  • Create minimum 5 to 6 categories and add minimum 4 to 6 articles in each category.
  • Add numbering in your content
  • Add steps by steps guide to your to make it easy to understand.
  • Use easy wording to your content.
  • Do not use AI content generator tools like ChatGPT, or others.
  • Add some power to your content.

Low value content checker

There is no any tool available to check the quality of article but there are some tips to check the quality of article.

  • Check is your content same to your title of post.
  • Make sure your content is 100% plagiarism.
  • Is your article human written not using any AI technology.

How do I get rid of low value content on AdSense?

Have you applied your site to google AdSense but rejected again and again by low value content issue.

Steps to get rid of low quality content.

find the thin content post or pages on your sites and then add some value to these posts or delete them from sites.

Trash plagiarism containing article.

use copyright free images of high quality.

How do I increase my AdSense traffic?

You can increase traffic to your site. By indexing your site to google search console.

Index your site to bing and yahoo.

Social share share your sites to social media

Create high quality back links to get the chances to rank in search result.

optimize your site and try to increase the speed of your site and increase the page speed insight score.

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