Meet adsense program policies

Are you tired of getting meet AdSense program and polices from google AdSense after apply your site for monetization ?

If yes then now you don’t need to worry more about this error in AdSense.

because here I’m available to help you to fix this error in AdSense permanently.

At begging I’m also tired of getting this issue after searching on google YouTube means at all the platforms.

I got the solution and my problem have been fixed now I’m going to share the solution with all of you.

List of Polices you need to meet

  • Are you older then 18 years.
  • You don’t have the permission to have more then 2 accounts google allow only one AdSense account.
  • Make sure you don’t have loged in more then 1 AdSense account at same device at same IP.
  • Make sure your website don’t have illegal or adult content.
  • Sure that your site have good amount of organic traffic and good user experience.
  • Are you that your site don’t have thin content read program and polices of google to fix thin content.
  • have you published privacy and policy, Disclaimer, and terms and conditions pages.

Fix meet adsense program policies

To fix this error in AdSense read the solution carefully:

  • Your age is more then 18 years.
  • Logout All the AdSense from your device and only log in one account in one device at a time.
  • Try to create new AdSense from new device and new IP.
  • Try to Apply from profile complete AdSense or Active dashboard AdSense.
  • Or try RDP to create new AdSense account.

Super Solution of meet AdSense program and polices

One top solution to fix this error is apply from already active AdSense or from profile complete AdSense. Means active dashboard AdSense account.

How to get active dashboard AdSense

You can get active dashboard AdSense easily from 800 to 1000 pkr from Facebook AdSense buy and sell groups. If you don’t already have active AdSense then this is right solution do you.

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