google-served ads on screens with replicated content

Google AdSense clearly said that they do not allow ads on screen with replicated content.

Google don’t allow ads on copied content or repetitive content.

Replicated content meaning: According to google AdSense program and policies replicated content meaning a copied content from another website or app.

Embed content from another website or app with out any prior permission and description.

You can embed content from others site to your site but you need to add documentary or description it that embed content.

How to fix replicated content in AdSense

You need to follow below steps to fix it:

  1. Try to write original Content you can get idea from pre published content on others sites related to your topic but you can’t copy that content.
  2. Google allow embed content but you need to ads some value to that content.
  3. Remove affiliated links from your website.
  4. Check the plagiarism of your content before publishing it on your own website.
  5. Checking plagiarism is easy there are many tools available to check the plagiarism of content.
  6. Remove all the plagiarized content from your website.

After completing all the above steps then reapply your website for AdSense approval.

After google review google will reply you within 2 weeks about the status of your website.

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