can i get adsense approval with ai content ( ChatGPT )

Can i get adsense approval with ai content The answer is NO. As all publisher knows that google have very strict policies to review your site for AdSense approval.

Google AdSense always work with quality content websites.

As AI doesn’t provides quality information some time. AI may create unrelated answers to users quarry. So google AdSense as well as advertisers doesn’t allow to serve ads on screen with AI (ChatGPT).

We well know that crating content takes times but AI makes it possible to create content in short times. But it may fall in spam categories content.

See the image above its not a official notification of google about AI content site but its a google community experts answers.

You may get AdSense Approval by getting idea from AI content but its your responsibility to add some value to the content.

Can I get AdSense Approval with ChatGPT content

No, you can not get AdSense approval with ChatGPT content because ChatGTP is AI language model it may generate un relevant answer to users quarry on thin content.

But you can use chat GPT to create description for your products labeling of your contents etc but you can not get AdSense approval with ChatGPT content.

Can ChatGPT affect SEO ?

Yes, it may affect to your site ranking in search engines because Chat GPT don’t create SEO optimized articles.

Chat GPT work as beginners to create content but not as expert.

Search Engine may not trust AI generated and count it as spam content.

SERP or search snippets result require human related quality content.

Google also have the to tools to detect AI generated content.

Chat GPT log in

Here is how to login to chat GPT to access the full features of openai chatGPT.

You can use official site of chatGPT to login to chatGPT if you search on google then at result of google search it will show you the official site of ChatGPT to login.

Can I get AdSense Approval with BARD Ai content

Definitely no, because this tool is categories as AI rather its own by google.

Advertisers don’t like to serve their ads on low quality, thin content, AI generated content.

Disadvantage of AI content

  • Bad users experience
  • Marked as spam content
  • Unrelated to search query
  • May takes time to index
  • May affect your site ranking
  • May decrease trust of visitors

I hope you got it

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