Google search console couldn’t fetch sitemap

Fixing couldn’t fetch sitemap in Google search console is very simple and easy you don’t need to have technical knowledge or expect level knowledge. Google search console is a search system offered by google to show related result to user query. Google search console will automatically index all new websites but sometime it need manual indexing.

To start manually indexing you need to add sitemap to google search console. Sitemap is like a world map that can read by google crawlers. Google crawlers need sitemap to read and index available content on your website.

Submitting sitemap is easy but sometime it show you some error like 1 error or couldn’t fetch. Fixing these error is not hard for experts but for beginners this task is little bit hard.

But I’m here to help you to fix all the problems that arrives on submitting sitemap.

How to fix couldn’t fetch sitemap

You need to follow below steps carefully to fix couldn’t fetch sitemap in search console.

Check the format of sitemap: First of all you need to check the format of sitemap before submitting it to google search console. There are two types of sitemap you need to submit

www and non-www e.g

Try to submit one of the above to check which one is working on your website.

Check sitemap on browser: You need to check sitemap on your browser to make sure it is working. Add /sitemap.xml at the end of your website URL add check for it to make sure it is working. If the sitemap show you some article then it is right you only need to wait for google search console to fetch it. If it show you blank data on searching then you need to add forward slash(/) add the last of xml like this

Then try to submit it to google search console.

Content requirements: add more then 3 to 4 posts and articles before submitting sitemap. This error is may be caused may burden of content on your website. If your have a lot of content then google search console takes time to fetch it.

https or SSL certificate error: If your website have not installed SSL certificate and working on http instead of https then you need to add following sitemap.

Then google try to fetch it for your website.

www and non-www sitemap: Check for both sitemap to fetch like www and non www to make sure it will fetch by google for your website.

Sitemap validator: check your sitemap on sitemap validator tool website these website tell all the details of your sitemap. Search sitemap validator on google it will show you all the sitemap validator websites

Thanks try above all the steps to see success message in search console site map section.

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