discovered currently not indexed

Discovered-currently not indexed means. Google has discover URLs but not crawled or indexed it yet. This error mainly caused by thin or low quality content.

Thin content means page with discovered-currently not indexed means have not enough length of content. Like your each URL must be have more then 500+ words informative content on it to get eligible for indexing.

Discovered-currently not indexed is a google system error not your website error you need to follow below steps to fix this error on your website.

discovered currently not indexed

Try below steps to fix this error I google search console.

Use URL inspection Tool: To fix this error in google search console you need to use URL inspection tool offered by google search system. This tool help you in indexing of your website to google.

To use this tool you need to copy URL of your post from your website and then paste it to URL inspection tool then click on test live URL. It will show you the details of your URL.

It also show you the status of your URL. After testing live URL if it show URL in available to google then you need to click request indexing.

It will Index your URL within 24 hours. It allow only 10 URL to inspect manually. You can try new URL 24 hours later after inspection of first 10 URL.

Use Validation Tool: You can also use URL validation tool offered by google search console. To use this tool you need to goto navigation menu.

Then select pages after selecting pages check for pages with error. It will show you pages with discovered currently not indexed. After seeing that pages click on it. Click start validation google will start the validation process.

After 5 to 6 days google show you about the status of your pages. If the validation got successful you see validation passed. If the error will not fixed you will see validation failed. Then you need to use URL inspection tool.

Try Internal linking and pings: internal linking will as lo help you to fix discovered currently not indexed. Try to add relevant and index pages in your URL that getting discover currently not indexed error.

After publishing try to add that URL in ping website. Pings websites helps in fast indexing of your content to google search console.

After applying above steps your URLs will be ready to show in search result

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