More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content

Friends, This article is about the solution of the error in AdSense more ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content

if this error is showing in your website or app then you can fix it easily.

This error means you have maximum number of ads on your website.

As you know according to AdSense program and policies Google don’t allow more Ads on then publisher Content.

How to fix

Follow these steps to fix the error

  1. Go to AdSense ads setting
  2. After going to ads setting click on auto ads
  3. in the drop down value select found ad load button and then click the minimum ads to show.
  4. After minimizing the ad load click on save setting
  5. with in 2 weeks 14 days your problem will be fixed by google automatically


Second Solution

If you are using any another network with AdSense.

Then turn off all the ads of that ad network.

Because Google don’t allow competition between ads network.

If you are doing affiliated marketing remove all the affiliated links form your website or app and then. Reapply for AdSense.

Getting AdSense approval is easy but keep it safe from suspicious activity follow AdSense program and policies all times.

If you want affiliated marketing with AdSense then you need to use Sponsored or Ads with your affiliated links to keep your account safe forever.

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