page with redirect search console

Page with redirect search console This error is usually comes when your website have duplicate URL of a same article or post. Then google search console only index original URL of that page. Page with redirect error usually comes on blogger websites.

How to fix page with redirect search console

If you are using blogger then the 1 thing you may noticed is that you see /?m=1 at the end of your website URL. For example


Above domain name is same but it have two types of URL structures if you want index this URL in google search console it may show you the error like ‘page with redirect’. In this case you need to choose right URL of your website.

But here how you can choose right URL. In above example URL #1 show you redirect error if you want to index that URL but URL #2 will get in indexed successfully. The reason is that URL #1 redirect users to URL #2 but URL #2 will not further redirect users to any other URL.

So, in this case indexing URL #2 will help you to fix ‘page with redirect’ error in google search console.

If the error will exist after applying above setting on your website. Then you need to start the validation process. Here how you can start the validation process. Go to google search console.

Click on navigation menu at the top of GSC dashboard. Then select pages it will show you the pages with errors. Select pages with ‘page redirect error’ and start the validation process. It may take up to 5 to 6 days to fix.

If validation process will not fix the issue for you then you need to. Inspect each URL manually. It may help in indexing of your website. URL inspection allow only 10 URL to get indexed by google search console bots within 24 hours.

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