How to submit sitemap to Google Search Console

This article is about how to submit sitemap to Google search console to rank 1# on google search result. Submitting sitemap also help in indexing of your article in google search console fastly.

There are many types of sitemap offered by WordPress SEO plugin like Yoest, rank math, and All In One SEO (AIOSEO). These plugins submit sitemaps automatically to Google search console. But you need to manually submit your sitemap to google search console.

How sitemap help in Ranking?

Ranking means getting organic traffic from search engine’s like Google, DuchDuckgo, Bing, yahoo and more others search engine’s.

These search engine’s will automatically crawl your website to show your content to relevant query. Some times these search engine’s need manual actions to show your website content I their search result.

Ranking and SEO come after indexing. If your website is not Indexed in google search console or bing webmaster tool it may takes times to rank your website for organic traffic.

But submitting your sitemap help in indexing of your website very fast. and this article is about how can you submit your sitemap to google search console.

Steps of Submitting sitemap to Google search console

  1. Go to Google search console dashboard
  2. Click navigation menu
  3. And then select sitemap option
  4. In the sitemap option submit sitemap like this

Creating sitemap is very easy just add /sitemap.xml at the end of your your website URL.

After adding above link then click submit sitemap it will show you the status of your sitemap and if it submitted successfully then it will show you the all discovered pages on your website.

How to submit sitemap to bing

Submitting sitemap to bing is same as submitting sitemap to Google search console.

Search bing webmaster tool on your preferred search engine. Then create account to bing webmaster tool. If you don’t already have Bing webmaster tool account you can sign in with your google account.

Bing webmaster tool also provides facility to import your sitemap from google search console. You can use this facility to submit your sitemap to bing automatically.

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