How to change Instagram font style

Hello friends, In these days who don’t want to look stylish their Instagram profile. Every one want a stylish Instagram profile to give impact on others peoples.

When your Instagram profile look better like beautiful flowers then it attract more followers and increase your value to your profile visitors.

So, today through this article I’m going to share you a trick how can you make your profile more attractive and beautiful.

After reading this article you are able to beautify your Instagram profile.

Many Instagram users want to put attractive impact on their profile with stylish fonts but they don’t have any trick to do that.

Now you are thinking about how it is possible but here I’m you don’t need to worry about.

Fonts means writing style options and design which you can customized on your own ways but this need some technical knowledge to do that.

Let’s talk about how you can do that. How you will put attractive fonts on your profile to make it beautiful.

What are fonts on Instagram

Fonts means style of writing text on mobile and others devices. There various option available to write text in any fonts and style on mobile devices and on online applications like Instagram and Facebook.

It is designed by software developer to make device look beautiful. You can customized your Instagram account by using these fonts on Instagram.

By using this software you can customize you Instagram profile name, your Instagram posts text, your Instagram bio stylish. Using these fonts software are easy any person having some knowledge about computer can use these fonts software.

There are many fonts software available on Internet but all these softwares are not supported by Instagram.

But I’m going to tell you about stylish and supported software on Instagram.

How to use Font Stylish software on Instagram?

You don’t need to worry about using the font stylish software on Instagram.

Because I have the easy solution to use font stylish software on Instagram.

The first step is installation of font style application. You can install it from play store or by searching it on mobile browsers.

After installation the next step is how to use this software in Instagram profile editor.

To make your profile attractive and beautiful.

There are not many font software available like this on play store.

I’m telling you the software about I have personally used. Which have many fonts style options. This is legal application and tested by google play store and it is also available on Google store.

How to install Instagram font style change application

The first step is go to google play store.

After going there search for zFont 3 application after searching google play store show you the official application of zFont 3 then install this application.

After installation follow the steps given on the application. This application is east to use and not require any technical knowledge.

This application use is like a child play.

The Free Trick


It may be possible that all the fonts available on this application will not work on Instagram profile editor.

But you don’t worry about if any fonts is not working then you can choose new to work for you because there are many fonts available in the application.

If you like my effort and want more articles for Instagram from me feel free to tell me in comment section or contact us section.

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