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Friends, We are well aware with the new feature of Instagram reel. Instagram 5000 Reel views helps in growing your Instagram account fast. Reels is a new feature which enable users to create short videos. Which called reels on Instagram. Reels are less then 1 minutes in length. That contains interesting topics.

Instagram reels giving users a bonus on reels play. Reels creator can easily claim their reels bonus.

Reels also helps in growing your Instagram followers and account. If your reel gets 5000 views then their are many chance to it get Viral. Millions of peoples are using this feature to reach wider audience across the globe. Reels gives your account authority and chances to get your account go viral

But getting first 5000 reels views is not so easy for new Instagram account holder. So, we are here to help you get this milestone for you. We are giving you The Free Trick about how you can get free 5000 reels views.

How to get 5000 reels views for Free

You can get free Instagram reels views by following all the steps discussed below. Reels get viral if you use eye catching titles and description and using ranked tags.

5 Steps to get 5000 reels views

Below steps are most important in getting free 5000 reel views. If you follow all the steps then your videos get viral in short time.

  1. Share your reels on social media
  2. Use Trending Music
  3. Use # hash tag in your reels
  4. Stop spam views
  5. Post reels on fixed time each day

Share your reels

Share your reels to other social media platforms. Like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms like what’s app groups. Share your reels in Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Join your reels niche Facebook and what’s app groups and share your reels on regular basis.

Music play important roll in getting your reels view till end. To achieve this you need to use trending Music in your reels. You can use free Instagram music library for this purpose. Then select the hot and trending music in your reels.

If you use trending music then google show your reel in related music album and recommend your reels to peoples also watch it. It is very helpful in getting first 5000 views on reels.

Use # hash tag in your reels

Trending hash tag helps in growing your Instagram reel views. Hashtag are trending searches on Instagram you can choose trending hashtag for your reels to get it viral in shot time.

Edit content with your relevant hashtag.

Like #viral #trending #videos #free views

Stop spam views

Viewing your own reels is against Instagram program and policies. Because you can’t watch your own reels. These views are count as spam views according to Instagram. And Instagram will stop the recommendation of your reels to new users.

So, don’t try to watch your reels. It pose negative effect on your account.

Post reels on fixed time each day.

Hmmm time also affect the views on your reels views. Because most at night more users are online on Instagram when you post videos it easily to get reaches wider audience.

Choose the right time to post your reels on regular basis and on regular time.

Choose your time according to your video topic if you target United state then post videos bases on united states time. If you are targeting India or Pakistan then choose Indian and Pakistan standard time.


5000 reels views are most important for any new Instagram account. If your video get 5000 views then there are many chances to get your account viral. If you follow all the steps then you can get more views on Instagram reels views in short time.

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