Sugar price in Pakistan

The Sugar price in Pakistan is from PKR 137 to PKR 140 per 1 kg. 50 kg sugar price in Pakistan is PKR 6700 to PKR 6900 and Price of 100kg of sugar in Pakistan is PKR 13,500 to 13,700 . Sugar is a type of carbohydrates. It is sweet in taste and mostly used in the world to makes food products.

Like Pneer, Sweets, coloring agent, Texture agents and to increase the taste of any food. In homes the sugar is used to make drinks, Sweet milk and mostly in Pakistan lassi.

There are many types of sugar are available in Pakistan and other countries but most used type of sugar is table sugar which is used at homes. So it most common and daily consuming sugar.

Today through this article we are going to discuss about the latest rates of sugar in Pakistan.

Current Rates of Sugar in Pakistan

Sugar1 kg Rs. 137-140
Sugar50 kgRs. 6,700-69,00
Sugar100Rs. 13,500-13,700

Above are the basic rates of sugar in Pakistan today but now we are going to discuss about the rates of sugar in different cities of Pakistan.

sugar price in pakistan today 50 kg


Sugar Rate per 1kg


Factors Affecting Sugar Rate

There are many factors that affect the rate of sugar due to which sugar rate in Pakistan may be incresed or decreased due to these factors. Now see the little details of these factors.


When the demand of sugar is increase then the rate of sugar also get increased. Similarly when the demand decrease the rate of sugar also decreased.


During sugarcane season the rate of sugar may get decrease due to the sugar mills produce new sugar due to this the rate get deceased.

International Market Rates :

When the rate of sugar in international market decrease then the rate of sugar in Pakistan also get deceased.

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