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The Techno Tricks helps you in getting real and non drop Instagram followers for lifetime it is an Indian site which can easily access by searching this query on google (Thetechnotricks. Com)

Guest as we well knowledge of the popularity of Instagram in these days. As this is famous as getting ranked through this platforms is become difficult day by day.

When you created a new account websites like Famoid followers (without log in ) and IgTools Panel – Free Instagram reels views [without login] are very helpful in getting followers, reel views and likes.

The Techno tricks helps users get free likes, followers, video views and much more service of Instagram free of cost without log in or by completing any survey.

Now we are going to talk about the most popular tricks of Instagram followers on techno tricks.

7 Steps to grow organically on Instagram

This is the most famous article of the techno tricks website. It helps users grow their account organically without purchasing any free or paid service. Organically means using high ranked hasthtag according to your content or videos. Related popular hashtag helps users grow rapidly and organically.

1. Become responsible:

It is your responsibility to become responsible for your content. Create content on regular bases choose the niche of Instagram on you have most and most interest.

Be patience and work hard and hard to get success. If your aim is only grow your account with fake or paid followers then you are not a good man.

Growing organically is key to success on Instagram. Having a goal will lead you to success.

2. Avoid from bots:

Avoid getting followers with robots. Robots provides script followers which are created by fake not account. Which leads your account to suspension and de ranking. Bots gives you followers at night but they are just followers count. Don’t fooled by bots.

3. Force likes :

Don’t force your followers to like your post videos and shares. By using words and phrase in your content. Just improve the quality of your content it is enough.

Due to your quality work every one likes and shares your content. You don’t need to ask them like your content you only need to improve the quality of your content just it.

4. Be Consistent:

Make sure you are being consistent during choosing the right hashtag according to your videos. Relevant hashtag helps users explore related content. So, be careful about choosing the right hashtag.

5. Don’t use shortcut

Don’t choose shortcuts to grow your account. Shortcuts waste your time and money but organic work helps real time. Take your shortcut time and thinking to improve your quality of content.

If anyone or website ask you to give you 50% fast followers or 150 followers daily. Don’t on them put your efforts to your content not to shortcuts.

6. Become more authentic:

Start creating content actually relevant to followers. This is key to create community and real followers around yourself. This practice also very helpful about creating your own authority and brand. Peoples will identify you.

7. Be Patient:

don’t compare your self with old creater and be patient. Because good things takes more time and patient and show you life changing result.

Increase your account in slow and steady manners because it helps to grow long time.

when you uploaded a new content do its SEO by adding interesting titles hasthtag and content.

Do share of your content on other social platforms.


The techno tricks is very helpful in the growth of your Instagram account. As we show you its famous tricks about get your account to top Instagram account lists. It also represent more tricks for you.

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