40KG Rice Price in Pakistan 2023

Today in this article we are going to discuss about recent rate update of rice/munji in Pakistan.

Pakistan is agriculture land in river rice is mostly cultivated in river areas of Pakistan because it requires more mount of water then other Fields.

If you have cultivated Rice this year then you need to know the sale and buy rate of rice in your city. So, we are going to tell you about the recent rate of rice in your cites.

New Munji 40 Kg Rice Rates 2023

Ery 63200-4200
Ery Fine3600-4400
Super 1509
Low Quality

Above are the recent rates update of rice in Pakistan.

These rates are 40kg weight price these rates are taken from market to market they may be different from city to city.

But the average rates of rice in Pakistan are same as discussed above.

Different between Rice and Munji?

If you have a question about rice and munji then we are answering you about your query.

Raw rice with waste material are called munji it have protective layer on it. After munji processing its waste material get removed and it become easy to use now it called Rice.

Uses of Rice

Rice is mostly used in China, Pakistan, India and many other countries.

In Pakistan it used to make Baryani, Pulao, dall chawal and many other dishes.

So, the consumption of rice is high in Pakistan and the rates of rice is Al’s increasing day by day.

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