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Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has been a beacon of quality education, offering over 700 programs to students not only in Pakistan but also globally. One of the distinctive features of studying at AIOU is the provision of solved assignments, which serve as invaluable resources for students, aiding in exam preparation and academic improvement.

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What are AIOU Solved Assignments?

AIOU solved assignments are detailed solutions to specific problems assigned to students by their instructors. These assignments offer several benefits, including saving time, enhancing understanding of the material, providing a roadmap for approaching similar problems in the future, and reducing stress by offering a clear path to follow.

Importance of AIOU Assignments

AIOU assignments are integral to the academic process at the university. Without submitting solved assignments, students cannot pass their semesters. Even high exam scores are insufficient if assignments are not submitted. Therefore, assignment submission is compulsory and significantly impacts academic progress.

How to Obtain AIOU Solved Assignments

Students can acquire AIOU solved assignments through various means. They can download them from the official AIOU website or obtain them from external sources. However, it is essential to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the source when obtaining assignments from external sources.

Submission of AIOU Solved Assignments

Once students have completed their assignments, they are required to submit them to their assigned AIOU tutors. The university provides a submission process, including guidelines for packaging and sending the assignments to the respective tutors.

How to Submit AIOU Solved Assignment

  1. Download and Install AIOU Assignment Submission Form:
    • Obtain the form from the official website.
  2. Fill Out the Form:
    • Identify the course code and semester from the solved assignment title page.
    • Complete the form:
      • Box 1: Course Code
      • Box 2: Semester (e.g., Spring 2023)
      • Box 3: Full Name (as on ID card)
      • Box 4: Student ID Number
      • Box 5: Complete Mailing Address (including city and postal code).
    • Attach the solved assignment in the provided document section.
  3. Submission:
    • Click the “Submit” button to send the assignment to Allama Iqbal Open University.

How to Download AIOU Solved Assignment

  • Purchase from External Sources:
    • Ensure reliability and reputation of the seller.
    • Read customer reviews or seek recommendations.
    • Complete the purchase from a reliable seller.
  • Download from AIOU’s Official Website:
    • Create an account on the official website.
    • Log in to access resources.
    • Use the search function to find the required solved assignment.
    • Click “Download” and follow the provided instructions.

Importance of AIOU Assignments 2023 – 2024

  • AIOU assignments are crucial for passing semesters.
  • Failure to submit assignments results in failure, regardless of exam performance.
  • Assignment submission is compulsory.

AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring Last Date 2023

  • AIOU announces assignment submission deadlines at the semester start.
  • Focus on solving and submitting assignments within the specified timeframe.

Where to Submit AIOU Solved Assignments 2023-2024

  • Submit solved assignments to AIOU Tutors.
  • Tutors’ addresses are provided in the Tutors Letter sent to students.

AIOU Solved Assignments for Various Programs

  • HSSC (F.A) Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023-24:
    • Difficult assignments available for F.A, ICS, I.Com.
    • Solved assignments can be purchased.
  • Bachelor (B.A) Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023-24:
    • Assignments available for B.A level.
    • Old students familiar with rules can find assignments on the site.
  • Matric Solved Assignments Autumn & Spring 2023:
    • Free matric assignments provided by EDUCATION TUTORS.
  • Master’s Level Solved Assignments:
    • Solved assignments for bachelor’s and master’s levels available.

How to Submit AIOU Solved Assignment 2023 to AIOU Tutors

  • After completing assignments, submit them to AIOU Tutors by visiting TCS or Pakistan Post Office.

AIOU Solved Assignment 2023

  • Download AIOU solved assignments for spring & autumn 2023 for various programs.

Submit Late AIOU Solved Assignments After Due Date

  • AIOU allows late assignment submissions within 30 days after the due date with fees.
  • Students must submit late assignments to the nearest regional area office.

Late Submission Fees

MatricRs. 200
F.A to B.edRs. 300
Post GraduateRs. 500

Sample Assignment Codes and Downloads

  • Find your assignment by code and download it for submission.
CodeBook NameDownload Link


AIOU solved assignments play a pivotal role in the academic journey of students at Allama Iqbal Open University. They serve as a guiding light, aiding students in their quest for knowledge and academic excellence. By understanding the significance of these assignments and following the prescribed submission procedures, students can make the most of this valuable academic resource.

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