Pyaz rate in Pakistan per 40 kg

Jaisay k sub kissano KO malom hy k piyaz ki fasal tyar hy. Aur kafi kissan Piyaz beechnay k live markets main lay k aa rahy hain. Isi baat ko madenazar rakhtay hoe hum ny rates service ka ajaaz kiya hay takay kissan bhaio ko barwqat mandio k rates Milty rahin. Aaj is post main … Read more

Onion Price per 40 kg in Pakistan

This article is about the new rates of onion in Pakistan. Onion is a vegetables that is used in dish. Onion is used to increase the taste of any dish. The rate of onion in Pakistan is increased rapidly due to farmers are not harvesting onions they focusing on maize and others crops but not … Read more