Petrol and diesel price in Pakistan today

The government of Pakistan has dropped the prices of petroleum products from 15- Oct – 2023. The drop in petrol price is -40 per litres and drop in Diesel price is Rs -15 per liters. These rates are affective from 16- oct – 2023 to onwards. Until the new price notification comes from government of Pakistan.

Old Price of petrol and diesel

The old price of petrol in Pakistan was 323

The old price of diesel in Pakistan was 218

The government have changed the prices of both these petroleum products.

Petrol and Diesel New price in Pakistan today

The government have decreased the price of petrol and diesel on 15- Oct -2023

New Petrol Price:

Rs = 278

New Diesel Price:

Rs = 303

The change in price is discussed below in details.

Change in Petroleum and diesel price

Petrol prices are decreased for Rs -40 and the diesel price are also decreased for -15 in Pakistan. These rate are decreased due to international rates of petroleum products are dropped.

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